Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Consider this global abortion.

If i ruled the world, I would destroy all mankind,
If I were king for a day I'd make sure there was no fucking tomorrow.
And now the world is my fucking toilet.
And now the world is mine.
Survival of the fittest was a bullshit lie.
This is my reclamation.
This is my continent.
No remorse for anything.
No salvation for anyone.
No one can stop me I am the death machine.
It is my job as a human being to let my ignorance take control.
It is my job as a human being to run this bitch in the ground.
Your Mother Earth is a dirty slut.
I don't sing fucking love songs because there's nothing in this world for me to love.
I want the world to have my rape baby so when it's born I can strangle it to death.
Beauty isn't skin deep, beauty doesn't exist.
I'm never going to be there for you.
I'm never going to pick you up when you are down.
I am not your shoulder to cry on.

I am the end of the world.

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